37 Art Gallery is situated in Bartók Béla street 37. This is one of the oldest gallery in the cultural city center of Újbuda. Our name derives from the street’s address code. Later, while tasting and playing with the numbers an imagination formed that these numbers should appear again and again in the life of this gallery. That’s why we decided to organize a new exhibition with  an opening ceremony on every 3rd of the month at 7 pm, where we raise the attention of the audience about a new talent.

The gallery which was opened in 2010 represented a variety of different styles and exhibitors. From 2017 we would like to support a direct way consequently:


In 2016 the process has been started, firstly we represented the reliefs of Bálványos Levente, which was followed by a group exhibition, then three, young contemporary artists shared their artworks with the audience individually. This three artists had another exhibition later in Max Bill word-wide fame Swiss artist’s house in Zürich. Their catalogues introductory part was written by Dr. Angela Thomas, the widow of the artist, and it was introduced by Passuth Krisztina a Széchényi-awarder art historian.

Present day geometric art in Hungary is characterized by a certain freshness, vigour, exhilaration and joy of life.

Gallery 37 is intent on sharing this experience with art lovers in cooperation with OSAS (Open Structures Art Society) which includes internationally famous contemporary hungarian artists like: Konok Tamás, Maurer Dóra, Megyik János, Haász István, Gáyor Tibor, Nádler István, Nemes Judit, Molnár Vera (Paris) and Mengyán András.

37 art gallery undertakes exhibitions of hungarian and foreign, entrant and well-known artists,  in smaller individual or in pair type of organization.

The exhibitions of this gallery aim at preserving the continuity of the geometric-concrete art, demonstrating its existence at a high standard, primarily supporting young artists that create in this vein, helping the presentation of their works in a proper context, as well as encouraging them to take novel approaches. It is also concerned with the documentation and cataloguing of these works as well as promoting and operating international relations. With its exhibitions it also hopes to assist the international recognition of Hungarian art.

We would appreciate if the gallery (by its dimensions) became an intimate, communal space where anybody interested in the geometric artworks could find the highest quality, connect with the aritsts or join the process of artistic activity during different workshops.

Professional advice is provided by Dóra Maurer and other members of the Open Structures Art Society, internationally acknowledged artists whose works can be found in major private and institutional collections both in Hungary and abroad, for example: in the National Gallery of Hungary, in Ludwig-Contemporary Art Museum, in Albertina, Wien, Tate Gallery in London, Centre Pompidou in Paris, and in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Curators: Benedek Barna, Bálványos Levente, Wolsky András

The gallery is taking care of it’s societal responsibilities. We collected fundraising and cheritable auction for Van Helyed Association and Nyugodt szív either. From the gathered financial support – accordion to the imagination of Kukorelly Endre – we provided help for people in extreme poverty.

We collacted exhibitors for the Beszélj Róla (Talk about it) Project, whom mission is to raise attention of the significance of talking about sexual abuse in childhood.


In association with the KULT11 Company, and Újbuda’s galleries we collaborate in the light of invigoration of the cultural district of this area.